The List: Item 146. Chicken ‘n Waffles

Ticked off The List: February 2014

It was a bewildering combination to Anh when I first mentioned my quest for it. It took a bit of explaining to an Aussie that the combination was a very traditional American dish but he was on board. We both liked fried chicken and waffles separately. Together, they would be amazing!

It was a surprisingly difficult task to track them down. I’d been hearing all about Yolks Food Truck in Vancouver, but was thwarted at each attempt. Each time I’d head into Vancouver to try, they were closed, they weren’t serving the chicken and waffles, they were serving them but sold out.

We spied them upon a menu in Melbourne, and eagerly ordered them…to be told they had actually changed the menu and they were only served on Sundays now (it was Friday). So much was our determination that we returned on Sunday, but they were a let down.

Then, Yolks opened a restaurant and we went there a few months after they opened, a couple hours before closing (around 3pm) to avoid the crowds. I was so elated to finally (finally!) have their signature dish. I ordered it enthusiastically – only to be told they were sold out for the day. The server must have seen my face fall with dramatic disappointment so she quickly went to check if they had some prepped for the next day. They did!

Pure joy, to finally taste those chicken and waffles I had been chasing for so long. And they did taste amazing.


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