The List: Item 38. Buy Ugg Boots (for Tam)

Ticked off The List: September 5, 2014

Ugg boots are a bit of a phenomenon in Vancouver, despite not being at all waterproof, they’ve been wildly popular. Surprisingly enough, I’ve actually never a pair of Ugg boots.

Anh has a pair of Ugg boots that he wears inside as a slipper, like nearly every other Aussie. Because of this, we felt it was something that I needed to have to be a real Aussie.

We happened to be walking out of Central train station in the CBD when I spotted the huge sign, “Uggs on sale!! $50” and so I snapped up a pair. Even though it’s Spring and warming up, I’ve been living in my pair of Uggs. They’re ridiculously warm and comfortable – but that doesn’t mean I’ll be wearing them outside of the house!