Date Night: Satang Thai Exclusive & Friday Night Chinatown Night Market

It’s our tradition to have a little date night on Fridays unless we have a jam packed weekend and then we stay in on Friday to relax.  Alas, we had little planned for this past weekend so we headed into the city Friday night for some Thai food in Chinatown. We drove into the city to some awful traffic (learned my lesson, always transit in, especially on Friday nights) and lucked out into some street parking near Market City Mall and just down the street from a branch of Anh’s old university – University of Technology Sydney.

With the help of Urbanspoon we sourced a Thai restaurant just up the street from us that had good reviews and was packed.  We were lucky to get the last two top of the restaurant, tucked away in a corner surrounded by windows. The menu was extensive and quite reasonably priced and the portions very generous when we received our food.  We’ll definitely look to be back when we’re back in Chinatown again.

Afterwards we took a stroll into Chinatown and was greet quite unexpectedly by a bustling night market.  Extending through several street with both food vendors putting on a bit of a show and vendors selling everything from socks to nicknacks, it was a great reminder of the night markets of Vancouver.  On an off chance I looked through the door of a random shop to find my current obsession, Glasshouse Candles and not only that but their latest limited edition Halloween Pumpkin Pie candle. Everybody in Vancouver is currently able to enjoy pumpkin spice everything, from the lattés to candles and lotion and baked goods. Halloween isn’s as big in Australia yet, and seeing as how it’s currently Spring here, there’s a real shortage of pumpkin themed items.  The candles smell amazing and give me a real jolt of something I didn’t even know I missed from Canada.



Chicken fillets breaded and fried with water chestnuts, cashews and pineapple


Prawn Pad Thai


Sauteed Eggplant

Satang Thai Exclusive on Urbanspoon


Hand made Dragon’s Beard Candy

Fresh Made Waffles

Fresh Made Waffles


Hand made Roti from Mamak (their restaurant a couple blocks over had a line out the door)



The most content man just singing by himself with no audience.


Glorious candles! I still don’t know the name of the shop.


Umbrella Art Installation at Market City


Glasshouse Halloween Scented Candle

Glasshouse Halloween Scented Candle