The List: Item 66. Picnic (Fagan Park)

Ticked off The List: September 28, 2014

Anh and I were gifted a picnic basket by my lovely sister and her family for my bridal shower and couldn’t wait to tick this item off our list.  It was forcasted to be good weather all weekend so on Sunday so we packed a lunch of pulled pork with coleslaw and a few snacks and set off to Fagan Park to have our first picnic together.  We made a pit stop at a bakery near the park for some buns to make sandwiches and spied some lamingtons which we just had to have.

We made the pulled pork using a deboned pork leg from Costco and prepared it by brining overnight, using a dry rub and then slow cooking it.  We use this brine and rub recipe that we’re currently obsessed with (seriously, we put that rub on everything).  Just a few changes to the recipe as written – we use 2x as much brine to fully cover the pork or whole chicken and cook at an even lower temperature of about 90 Celsius or 200 Fahrenheit for 4-6 hours depending on the size of the roast (we just use our Le Creuset oven).  We also don’t make the sauce as directed since the roast drippings are salty already – I skim off as much of the fat as I can and whisk in a bit of barbeque sauce, worcestershire sauce, a tad of honey and a tablespoon or two of cornstarch disolved in equal amounts of water and stir til thickened.  I know that’s all a bit vague but just season to taste.