Sydney Life: First Canadian Thanksgiving in Australia

I love Thanksgiving – it’s my second favourite holiday after Christmas.  I just love everything that Thanksgiving embodies and everything about the day.  I love that it’s a celebration of family and friends and reflecting on everything you’re grateful for in your life.  I love what the day entails, cooking all day and sitting down to an elaborate meal with those you love the most.  I love making something with pumpkin for dessert.

I had grand plans for our first Thanksgiving in Sydney.  I was going to make the big dinner, the turkey and everything and we were going to have Anh’s family over and we were going to show them what an awesome holiday it was.  It didn’t turn out that was as I was still quite sick and didn’t have the energy to cook for 8+ people, let alone the fact it just wouldn’t be foodsafe to host a dinner party when I was so sick.

It was the Friday before Thanksgiving and I was feeling mighty down about not being able to celebrate Thanksgiving as I had for so many years before hand.  It was Anh that had to gently push me into a better place.  He convinced me we could still have a meaningful Thanksgiving just for the two of us, we could find the components to make it something I would be happy with.

So it was Sunday morning that we set off to Costco and Woolies to get supplies for our little meal.  I had called ahead and Costco was carrying pumpkin pies.  For somebody who loves a home made pie, it wasn’t ideal but it would do in a pinch.  We found a mini Turducken* roast at Woolies, as well as cranberry sauce and some boxed stuffing.  Hell, they even had a display of pumpkins for Halloween! It was starting to feel more like Autumn in Vancouver.

*For those of you who don’t know, a Turducken is a de-boned chicken inside a de-boned duck inside a de-done turkey.  And then often it’s wrapped in bacon.*

We headed home and after having lunch watching the Canucks home opener (we won!), Anh set about cooking the dinner.

It wasn’t what I originally expected or wanted, but it was perfect for our first Thanksgiving together.



I am thankful for my family in Vancouver who loves us from afar and shows us strength and happiness despite the distance.  I am thankful for my new family here who has accepted me and gone above and beyond what I ever expected – Anh’s mum even made and brought over soup for me while I was sick.

We improved upon their cookin instruction.  Browning in the pan.

We improved upon their cookin instruction. Browning in the pan.

I am thankful for my friends around the world who show me that distance does little to damper friendship and communcation.



I am thankful for my health and for the health of my loved ones.  I am thankful for access to healthcare, and that I am able to pay for insurance so I can go to the doctor or the hospital whenever I need, unlike so many people throughout the world.

The full spread.

The full spread.

And I am so thankful for my husband who supports me every day, my partner in crime and who loves me.  I am so thankful for our life together, that even though there is so much unknown we are fortunate to take things day for day and enjoy our adventures.  I am thankful that this is the person I have chosen to spend the rest of my life with and I can’t wait to discover how things unfold.





A perfect ending – pumpkin pie.

What are you thankful for?