The List: Item 184. Le Petit Gateau, Melbourne & Hardward Societe Cameo

Ticked off The List: October 6, 2014.

Le Petit Gateau is a patisserie that I discovered via Instagram. Though it is slightly disconcerting that its software can discern recommendations for me based on the photos I like and accounts that I follow, I must admit at least it has had some great recommendations in terms of restaurants to try, and items to put on The List.

It was our last day in Melbourne and after checking out of our hotel and leaving our bags, we trotted over to our favourite from the last trip, Hardware Societe for brunch.  There was a lengthy queue there as usual but we were okay to wait for a table despite the chill in the air.  When we were finally seated, we ordered right away as we had been perusing the menu during the wait.  I ordered the chorizo scramble while Anh had the chorizo baked eggs.  There was a bit of a mishap as the server accidentally dropped my meal and I insisted that Anh start on his to avoid having his meal get cold. No damage done though, as my meal arrived quite quickly.  Unfortunately I wasn’t as impressed by this meal as I was with the amazing brie omelette that I had last time. From the menu description I expected a more intricate scramble, however it was just chorizo in the scramble and all the other ingredients on the side of toast.  That was my mistake from ordering, and Anh really enjoyed his baked eggs.

Chorizo scrambled eggs

Chorizo scrambled eggs

Chorizo baked eggs

Chorizo baked eggs

We finished up our brunch and walked over to Le Petit Gateau – after all, we had plenty to eat on our last day.  The patisserie had several gorgeous cakes on display in the window which looked very enticing before we walked in.  There was a large selection of small cakes which all looked tempting but because we had already eaten so much and there was still more to eat, we only picked one slice each to share.  There were no prices displayed, but the slices turned out to be $9.30 each – certainly not cheap but worth it due to the quality ingredients and skill used to make the cakes.  Anh proclaimed the hazelnut millefeuille was the best dessert he had the entire Melbourne trip.  I chose the passionfruit brownie and found the combination of passionfruit a great complement to the rich brownie.

We’ll definitely keep Le Petit Gateau on The List for return visits to Melbourne.




Hazelnut Millefeuille


Brownie Passion

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