Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich – San Churro

My favourite summer time ice cream treat used to be a Drumstick.  It just had so many things going on, the chocolate coated waffle cone, vanilla ice cream, the crisp chocolate shell and then topped with peanuts.  It was the perfect combination.  I mention all this because an ice cream sandwich was not far up my list of must have desserts. Lately however, I had been seeing things.  Seeing images of macaron ice cream sandwiches floating around websites and Instagram.  It was an intriguing combination, as I love macarons but I thought the macaron shell would be too soft and delicate to really “work”.

It came to a head the other day when suddenly, I just had to have a macaron ice cream sandwich.  A quick Google search and it was indeed available in Sydney, at San Churro, a place where you would obviously find the Spanish donuts.  I convinced Anh to take the quick trip over to our closest location just in Parramatta.  I didn’t have high expectations, but if it happened to be truly a bust, we could redeem the drive by going to Gelato Messina just across the street.

We just ordered one ice cream sandwich to share between us.  We choose the dulce de leche caramel ice cream (other choices include white, milk or dark chocolate gelato).  When we received it, it was quite sizeable and best of all we were quite impressed with the taste of it! The texture of the macaron shells was a delicate and a touch crumbly, but it was also nicely chewing and held together well when biting into the sandwich.  It was a bit chilly outside while we ate it, which meant it stayed together until we were done without getting too messy, however I suspect on a hot summer day it would get a bit too melted quickly.

That’s not to say we wouldn’t order it when it’s warmer of course, we’ll just have to eat that much more quickly!




It was huge!

It was huge!

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