Whistler Revisted

Not in Whistler - this was the snow storm that rolled in when Anh came and he was delighted! I was not :(

Not in Whistler – this was the snow storm that rolled in when Anh came and he was delighted!

I was less so.

I was less so.

February 26-28, 2014

While there’s a Polar Vortex causing colder than usual temperatures in Vancouver, Sydney was hit with one of its hottest days in November history on Friday when it hit 41C degrees and I felt like my face was melting.  This seems as good a time as any to reminisce about our second trip to Whistler, after the first of our four weddings (Yes, I said four! We could have competed against ourselves on that television show).  We took a little mini-moon and it was great to just get away for a couple of days. We didn’t actually hit the slopes as I’m not really a big fan and Anh didn’t have his snowboarding equipment with him, but we did take lots of walk around the beautiful Whistler Village, and a walk on a trail to a frozen and snow-covered lake. We ventured a few feet onto the lake, however there were a couple ominous cracks under our feet so we retreated quite quickly.

One of the most memorable things we did in Whistler on this trip was have a fondue meal.  Now I’d done a chocolate fondue before, but I discovered that cheese fondue and various multi-course fondue were quite popular in Whistler, which makes sense that you’d want something hot and satisfying after a day in the snow.

We booked a four course meal at The Den at the Nicklaus North Golf Course which was a few minutes up the road from Whistler Village.  They offered a pick up service which was great since Anh and I had taken the Greyhound up to Whistler and didn’t have a car.  A very nice lady named Carole picked us up from our hotel and chatted as she drove us to the restaurant.  When there, she took off her coat, led us to our table and then proceeded to be the person who would be serving us dinner as well! I am still aghast at this, and she also had to leave to pick up more people during the meal, and she was the person to take us back to the hotel.  This is not to say the service was lacking, it was actually a very cosy and beautiful dining room and as there was one other server there and fondue is pretty self-sufficient we were never in need of something.

We started with a caesar salad which was good but nothing memorable and we didn’t eat much of it since there were three more courses. The next was a bubbly cheese fondue served with a crusty bread.  The cheese fondue mixture was made up of several cheese and white wine and as it bubbled away and cooked we loved the heartiness of it. Next we had a selection of meats, seafood and vegetables to be cooked in a light broth and several dipping sauces.  There was nothing groundbreaking about it, however it was very tasty and we enjoyed slowly cooking everything and trying different combination of meats and sauces. Finally, we had the typical chocolate fondue to finish. We loved our experience at The Den as the room was great to look at and I’d imagine it would be magical around Christmas time.  They even offer horse driven sleigh ride packages, however I think we’ll come back for the food only.







Beautiful snow covered chateau vacation homes along the path to the lake.



There’s a lake under all that snow!



It was cold

It was cold

Like really, really cold.

Like really, really cold.




The village all lit up at night.

Cheese fondue

Cheese fondue

Asian inspired fondue - really it was just hot pot.

Asian inspired fondue – really it was just hot pot.  A selection of seafood, meats and vegetables to be cooked in the broth with accompanying dipping sauces.

Chocolate fondue to finish.

Chocolate fondue to finish.

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