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Remember when we had a blog?

Unbelievably this entire year has passed without a blog post.  Thankfully, the internet never forgets so this blog is still here and I’m resolving to not neglect it as much in 2016. 2015… Continue reading

Pumpkin Waffles

  My love for pumpkin is fairly recent (since I was 19), but it is nevertheless a love for the ages.  It is an epic love. I don’t love pumpkin in the way… Continue reading

The List: Item 153. The Taronga Zoo, Sydney.

Ticked off The List: November 9, 2014 I love Koalas more than any other animal, and nearly more than some humans.  It was with great giddiness that I was able to take in… Continue reading

Asparagus Cheese Tart

It’s Spring (at least in Australia!), and that means it’s asparagus season.  One of the most versatile, easy to cook and nutritious vegetables, asparagus is one of my fridge staples, especially when it’s… Continue reading

Sydney Life: First Halloween in Australia

Growing up in Canada, Halloween was a big deal for me and every child I knew.  The very earliest Halloween I can remember I was dressed as a witch, with a mis-matched costume,… Continue reading

The List: 183. Cacao Lab, Melbourne

Ticked off The List: October 5, 2014 In a bit of a blogging fail, I didn’t get the names or descriptions of these delectable desserts from Cacao Lab in the CBD.  I assumed… Continue reading

The List: Item 95. Painting a Room Together & Bedroom Makeover Reveal

Ticked off The List: September 13, 2014 Anh and I have started slowly re-doing our house.  We’ve started with our bedroom for the first big makeover, with painting, and adding new furniture and… Continue reading

Sydney Life : Dumplings in Ashfield

The other day Anh and I went out for dumplings in Ashfield with his younger siblings.  It was an impromptu outing; we all realised we were craving the dunplings and set out to… Continue reading

The List: Item 38. Buy Ugg Boots (for Tam)

Ticked off The List: September 5, 2014 Ugg boots are a bit of a phenomenon in Vancouver, despite not being at all waterproof, they’ve been wildly popular. Surprisingly enough, I’ve actually never a… Continue reading

The List: Item 21. Melbourne (Part 2 – Laneways of Graffiti Art)

The List: Item 21. Melbourne (Part 1, Brunches at Hardware Society and Mr. Close)

Ticked off The List: September 6, 2013 Anh took me down to Melbourne for a weekend during my last trip to Australia in September last year.  It was an absolute foodie dream with… Continue reading

The List: Item 0. Hold a Koala

Ticked off The List: December 26, 2012 My favourite animal hands down is the koala. My sixth grade science animal report was on the koala. I even made a plasticine model koala. Top… Continue reading